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23: Joe Puglisi: How Buzzfeed Creates Viral Worthy Content

Do you know what drives people to share content? Joe Puglisi says it comes down to identity, emotion, and information. 

Find out more from the former director of creative strategy at Buzzfeed, from an interview dug up from 2015. Joe Puglisi gives in-depth examples of why people are inspired to share certain content, and how to produce it. Some people go viral by chance, but take control of these strategies. 

Buzzfeed makes creating viral content seem easy, however, we all know that isn’t necessarily true. Joe gives spot-on advice and shares the tools Buzzfeed uses to create viral posts. Tune in to learn tips and tricks that are still relevant 5 years after this interview took place. Which brands were doing it right in 2015? Are they still thriving now? See if you have what it takes to go viral after listening to this episode.

“Content gives people the ability to curate the world’s view on them” -Joe Puglisi

Some topics discussed in this episode include:

  • How to foster authenticity and interest in posts
  • The revolution of social media
  • Writing an honest and powerful headline
  • The elements that make up viral content
  • The questions to ask yourself when creating content
  • How to get massive reach
  • Strategies to reach your audience on different platforms

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