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21: Mel Carson’s Guide to Personal Branding

Do you own your name? In this segment, Mel Carson shares his input on owning your name online and how to do this.

Lisa Buyer sat down with the founder and CEO of Delightful Communications, and author, Mel Carson, to talk about all things personal branding. We live in a society where it isn’t just about branding your business anymore, but yourself as well. How exactly do you accomplish this? Mel gives his tips and tricks on how to brand yourself on social networks, and what steps you can take to be successful. 

Lisa and Mel discuss his book, Introduction to Personal Branding, and talk about the importance of engaging with people, being authentic, and what steps to take when you are first starting to build your brand. Tune in for more of Mel’s secrets to success with personal branding! Become discoverable, shareable, and mentionable by following Mel Carson’s expert advice. 

“What you’re trying to do on Linkedin is push the envelope and use all of the features they’re putting out there and make YOU stand out” – Mel Carson

Some topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Latest trends with personal branding
  • Establishing your brand on LinkedIn
  • Making yourself stand out on LinkedIn
  • Facebook and personal branding
  • Owning your own name
  • How to start out with personal branding
  • Mistakes with personal branding

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