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20: Charlie Gilkey on the Zen of Business Coaching

How much do you know about business coaches and what they do? According to Charlie Gilkey, they help you perform at your best and help you live a better life. 

In this segment, Lisa Buyer, and guest host Cathy Hackl, sat down with Charlie Gilkey. Charlie refers to himself as a combination of a military logistics officer, philosopher, and business strategist all in one. Not only is he the founder of Productive Flourishing, but also Lisa’s business coach.  

Charlie, Cathy, and Lisa talk about how to be productive and what could be standing in your way to achieving the most productivity. Whether you are overcommitted, or unorganized, Charlie gives the best tips and tricks to be proficient in what you do. Tune in to hear more about dealing with FOMO (fear of missing out), why you should always show up, and tools to perform the best in your business. Learn more from business coach, business owner, and author Charlie Gilkey by clicking the links below!

“The fear of missing out is causing us to miss out” – Charlie Gilkey

Some topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Under delivering
  • How to know if you need a business coach
  • Real-life examples 
  • Productivity tips and examples
  • Not being a “flake”
  • Dealing with FOMO
  • Being coachable
  • Costs of having a coach vs cost of not having a coach

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