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19: Sarah Evans Shares How Brands Should Use Instagram

How can brands get media publicity from Instagram?

In this episode of Social PR Secrets, Lisa Buyer interviews PR and Social Media expert Sarah Evans, who shares her tips on how brands can best utilize Instagram’s features. Sarah is a social correspondent, live web show host, and owner of Sevans Strategy a new media consultancy.

In this episode, Sarah and Lisa discuss the importance of editorial calendars and how to build your Instagram profile for better contact efficiency. Sarah also gives tips on how you can organize your phone to match your social media strategy and answer the question on everyone’s minds: how do you beat the Instagram algorithm?

“I always go back to the editorial calendar. It sounds old school but it’s so important, even today.” – Sarah Evans

Some topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Optimizing Instagram’s contact feature
  • How brands can best use Instagram stories
  • The importance of editorial calendars
  • Getting publicity through Instagram 
  • Why you should promote your posts
  • Social media tools and apps

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