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12: Krista Neher on Visual Social Media Marketing

Are you using the wrong types of visuals in your posts? Krista Neher explains why stock photos are a tool of the past.

In this episode, Lisa interviews CEO of Boot Camp Digital and bestselling author of four books, Krista Neher. Lisa and Krista discuss why visuals are important in the social media world, but it isn’t as simple as putting just any photo or video with your post. Krista Neher emphasizes the importance of having a pinnable picture and explains what exactly this means. 

We pulled this interview out from 2014 because visuals and social media marketing are just as important as ever. Tune in to learn more about why visuals go hand in hand with getting more visibility. Understand the dos and don’ts for successful and effective visual social media marketing. Krista dishes out her tips and tricks such as how posts, such as infographics, can be more shareable and compelling than long documents.

Listen for more of Krista’s secrets to success!

“Images and videos serve an actual purpose in helping people get information faster” – Krista Neher

Some topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Videos serving a purpose on Facebook 
  • Visual social media checklist
  • Avoiding stock photography for Facebook
  • Short videos are more successful on Instagram
  • User-generated images are popular
  • Harnessing images, Instagram and Infographics

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