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Dr. Paul Savage Talks About Massive Health Risks Thanks to Digital and More

Fad diets, fancy gym memberships, no activity, anxiety, stress and depression, multiple screens in your face, rushing to eat, sitting all day, waking up and going to sleep with social media, apps and no naps, mood swings? Sound familiar?

Dr. Paul Savage was the nighttime manager of the largest trauma center in the country in Detroit, Michigan for the first 10  years of his career. He was overstressed, undersleeping, drinking, not eating well, smoking cigarettes, as all the ER doctors do. And by the age of 35, he was 284 pounds. He had high cholesterol, heart disease, prediabetic, low thyroid, obesity, and all sorts of depression going on. That’s when his doctor wanted to put him on a seventh medication. He then realized that he needed to do something different, which was to get healthy.

That started a journey for the last 20 years, of building a knowledge base in which Dr. Savage can share with other physicians. Then he went out and built a software company for this industry. He is taking the best of traditional medicine with all the medications that people need to use, but realizing that you don’t want to use them forever and you want to limit them as much as you can and combining it with all the other things, such as nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep management, detoxification and all these things that we’ve kind of gotten away from not on our own fault.

Some topics we discuss include:

  • Hormone balance and health.
  • Brain development in younger generations.
  • Inflammation is the hallmark of everything bad.
  • The problem with beef.
  • Nutrition is 70% of your health.
  • The common nutrition myths.

You can find all of Dr. Paul Savage’s websites and contact info here.