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11: Joe Puglisi on The Social Media Revolution

Ever wonder what a day in the life at Buzzfeed is like?

We pulled out this interview with former Buzzfeed employee, Joe Puglisi, from 2015. Now working for Rebel Ventures, Joe was part of the well-known Buzzfeed community for many years with a vast knowledge of the social media revolution. 

Buzzfeed was created before social media was prevalent or used by a large number of people. 

Tune in to find out more of why Buzzfeed started, and learn about the beginning of the social media revolution. Joe Puglisi talks about how the social media revolution was just getting started back during this interview, where do you think we are now? 

“Context is really key, and in social media, context is almost the most important thing” – Joe Puglisi

Some topics discussed in this episode include:

  • The 7 Buzzfeed signs the social media revolution is just getting started
  • How to engage your audience instead of interrupt
  • Brand honesty
  • Going viral
  • The shift in advertising
  • The changing millennial mindset
  • Truly connecting with your audience
  • Tips for applying for Buzzfeed 

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