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9: Neal Schaffer’s Lessons on Social Media Strategy

What do you think are the top three social media strategies? According to Neal Schaffer, visuals, ownership, and process are key to being successful. 

Lisa sat down with Neal Schaffer to discuss maximizing your social media in this 2015 interview. As a successful author, speaker, and consultant, Neal gives valuable advice and shares his own experiences and examples. 

In this episode, Neal touches on important topics such as having a social media strategy, transparency being key, and being strategic in what you post on each platform. Tune in to dive in-depth of Neal’s’ thought process and how he became so successful. Are you maximizing your social media? Find out what you could be doing better.

“Social Media is the ultimate way for you to create relationships with your public” – Neal Schaffer

Some topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Communication is key
  • Maximizing your social 
  • Twitter tips
  • Advice for social media strategy i
  • What’s “out” in social media 
  • Being transparent 
  • Advice for small businesses and startups
  • Approach with a passion
  • Personal branding

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