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Christi Buyer on A Breakdown of Digital Detox Secrets

“Everybody’s trying to do a digital detox. When we grew up, Christi Buyer, there was no such thing as digital.”

For this first episode of season two, my special guest is my sister Christi Buyer, who I also dedicated the book to. Christi is a mom of three and she lives in Chicago where she balances work life and motherhood while also working in retail by day and owning one of the best Italian restaurants. Christi helps me walk through some of the highlights of Digital Detox Secrets chapter by chapter and also offers some favorite secrets that we’re going to reveal for the first time. Some secrets that I didn’t even write about in the book and some of Christi Buyer’s secrets on how she balances her work life, whether it comes to nutrition, sleeping or just dealing with stress.

Some topics we talk about include:

  • Health with Dr. Paul Savage.
  • Morning routine before coffee.
  • Our yoga experiences.
  • CBD oil for stress.
  • Phone addiction and risks for teens.
  • Space to grieve.

Here’s the link to buy it, if you like what you hear.