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Suicide, Depression, and CEOs/Entrepreneurs/Business Owners with Cameron Herold

Cameron Herold is known around the world as “The CEO Whisperer,” and is the mastermind behind hundreds of companies’ exponential growth.

Herold dove into entrepreneurship at an early age, running his own business with 14 employees by the time he was 21. He is now a top-rated international speaker, founder of COOAlliance, bestselling author, and hosts “Second in Command” podcast.

Herold believes most entrepreneurial CEOs tend to be on the spectrum for bipolar disorder, attention deficit disorder and that many are on the spectrum for Tourette’s, which includes thinking out loud. When it comes to bipolar disorder, mania, and stress or depression; mania is why people follow them. It’s the exciting energy, the passion, the vision. It’s the kind of out of the box thinking, and that’s exciting and that’s how they are able to get clients, suppliers, and employees to come and join them. However, he says it’s a very lonely space in that entrepreneurial box because of all the additional stress that they have. They’re recruiting employees to come and work for them. Meanwhile, they’re worried the business might not even take off or they’re trying to sign the biggest deal of their life.

They’re putting everything on the line and they can’t tell their employees a lot of what’s going on. They often can’t tell their suppliers or customers, so the CEO lives in this very kind of constrained world and the stress mounts and if they don’t have outlets or groups of likeminded people, they can tend to kind of self implode. And a lot of them also don’t take the time off to decompress. They’ll just continue to work and work and work, almost chasing the horizon and that stress mounts up inside of them as well. So it’s interesting, the medical community has nicknamed bipolar disorder as the CEO disease.

Some other topics we discuss include:

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