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6: Andrea Vahl on Facebook Profiles for Business

What was one of the top Facebook business trends? Is it still relevant today?

According to Andrea Vahl at the time of this interview, an important trend popping up were videos to connect with their Facebook audience. Lisa Buyer sat down with speaker, author, and consultant, Andrea Vahl to learn all about getting the most out of your Facebook profile. Andrea Vahl is a rockstar in this industry and started her own business in 2009.  

Lisa and Andrea talk about some of the dos and don’ts to being successful with your Facebook profile. Making sure you respond to comments, whether they are a client or a potential client, and posting at least once a day. Andrea advises on what to watch for on your own personal Facebook profile and how to keep it in line, especially for recent graduates looking for jobs. Do you think your Facebook is up to par? Find out what you may be doing right or wrong in this episode. 

“Keep tabs on what’s happening because things do change quickly and there’s so much information just available to you at your fingertips” – Andrea Vahl

Some topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Important factors of Facebook from a social media manager standpoint
  • Advantages of having a Facebook page
  • Organic reach versus paid reach
  • Targeting with Facebook Ads
  • Facebook trends of 2015
  • Mistakes brands make with Facebook 
  • Advice for your personal Facebook profile

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