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5: Peter Shankman’s Tips to Create Zombie Loyalists

How can you generate customer loyalty?

One of Peter Shankman’s hacks for creating your own zombie loyalists is disguising self-promotion as help!

In this episode of the Social PR Secrets Podcast, Lisa Buyer talks with best-selling author, public relations maverick, and entrepreneurial rockstar Peter Shankman to get his advice for producing loyal customers. 

This episode from the vault was recorded just after the release of Peter’s customer service bible “Zombie Loyalists: Using Great Service to Create Rabid Fans.” Lisa and Peter talk about the pitfalls of using social media to solve your brand’s problems and how to get others to sing your praises, instead of irking your followers with constant self-promotion. 

Want to start building your own zombie fan base? Listen to the episode to hear Peter reveal some of his secrets for fostering fidelity, whether for your personal brand or your company’s.

“Let’s face it: No one believes how great you are if you’re the one who has to tell them.” – Peter Shankman

Some topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Don’t be a social media apologist
  • Focus on creating a great experience
  • Be careful about what you post – it’ll be part of your brand forever
  • Everyone hates self-promotion, but everyone loves help
  • How to be at the top of the list people call for help
  • How to always be hirable, without needing to be perfect
  • Advice for anyone starting their careers

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